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Image Processing

Homography estimation explanation and python implementation
Face Recognition using Eigenfaces
Ellipse detection and space reduction
Circle detection and space reduction
High and low pass filters, the Einstein-Monroe picture
Line detection (Cartesian, Polar and Space reduction)
Thresholding and Subtracting
Temporal median
Laplacian and Marr-Hildreth operator
Canny edge detector
Gaussian blur
Sobel Filter


How to take pictures from the webcam with Matlab

Neural Networks

Multilayer Perceptron

Reinforcement Learning

Sarsa algorithm, a practical case
First-visit Monte Carlo simulation solving a maze
Simple goalkeeper simulation

Support Vector Machines (SVMs)

SVM algorithm improvements
SMO (Sequential Minimal Optimization) and Quadratic Programming explained
SVM – Support Vector Machine explained with examples


"The only way to proof that you understand something is by programming it"

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