Interesting Papers

List of some interesting papers I’ve been reading (sorted alphabetically by title):

V. Vezhnevets, V. Sazonov and A. Andreeva. 2003. A Survey on Pixel-Based Skin Color Detection Techniques. IN PROC. GRAPHICON-2003 85-92.
Matthew A. Turk and Alex P. Pentland. 1991. Face recognition using Eigenfaces. CVPR 586-591.
J. Shi and J. Malik. 2000. Normalized cuts and image segmentation. T-PAMI, 22(8): 888-905.
R. Dahl, M. Norouzi and J. Shlens. 2017. Pixel Recursive Super Resolution.

Funny Youtube Videos

Reinforcement Learning

Robot Learns to Flip Pancakes: Really interesting, even though it would be more difficult to do it with real pancakes. What mysterious reward is he getting? The weight of the pan after the flipping process? Or could the reward be inserted manually after every trial?
A crawling robot: a Q-learning example: A really nice implementation of the Q-algorithm in a crawling robot. It’s worth saying thanks for his brief explanation.